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New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services

2012 DES Tracked Legislation

Each year, the NH Department of Environmental Services tracks bills that relate to DES programs or that otherwise might affect the agency in the New Hampshire State Legislature.

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2012 DES Testimony Letters

The following are letters of testimony presented by DES at legislative committee hearings in the current legislative session.

HB 1144 establishing a commission to study the taxation of alternative fuel and electric-powered motor vehicles for the purpose of funding improvements to the state's highways and bridges. [January 19, 2012; March 8, 2012]
HB 1211 establishing a committee to study the promotion of lease of state-owned land for use for beginning farmers. [January 17, 2012]
HB 1214 banning corn-based ethanol as an additive to gasoline sold in NH. [January 19, 2012]
HB 1222 relative to protected shoreland permitting fees. [January 23, 2012]
HB 1226 directing DES administrative fine revenue to a special fund for environmental enforcement. [January 23, 2012]
HB 1233 establishing a statute of limitations on wetlands filling and dredging. [April 12, 2012]
HB 1234 establishing a DES oversight and grievance committee. [January 10, 2012]
HB 1235 establishing a committee to study and propose a recodification of certain environment-related statutes. [January 20, 2012]
HB 1239 requiring the site evaluation committee to consider economic impact prior to issuing a certificate for an energy facility. [February 7, 2012]
HB 1314 establishing a committee to study the maintenance of water and sewer infrastructure. [January 17, 2012]
HB 1380 relative to the development of wetland mitigation banks. [January 17, 2012; April 12, 2012]
HB 1401 relative to site evaluations and certificates for energy facilities. [February 7, 2012]
HB 1415 relative to exceptions for proposed sewage waste disposal systems. [January 10, 2012; April 12, 2012]
HB 1416 relative to the introduction of substances into the NH water supply. [January 10, 2012]
HB 1428 relative to Public Utilities Commission (PUC) orders concerning renewable portfolio standards. [February 9, 2012; February 14, 2012]
HB 1435 establishing a committee to oversee the DES. [January 10, 2012; March 12, 2012; April 18, 2012]
HB 1477 relative to the definition of spent materials. [January 24, 2012; April 12, 2012]
HB 1481 relative to effluent limitations with regard to nitrogen. [January 10, 2012]
HB 1487 HB 1487 relative to low carbon fuel standards programs. (new title) [January 19, 2012; April 26, 2012]
HB 1489 repealing the decrease of the fuel oil importation fee. [January 31, 2012]
HB 1490 repealing NH's Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative cap and trade program for controlling CO2 emissions. [February 14, 2012; April 19, 2012]
HB 1501 establishing a fund to upgrade wastewater treatment plants. [January 25, 2012
HB 1525-FN repealing the wetlands and shorelands review fund. [January 25, 2012]
HB 1529 relative to the introduction of fluoride and herbicides into the drinking water of the state. [January 26, 2012]
HB 1540 relative to conservation easements on public land. [January 24, 2012]
HB 1561 discontinuing regional planning commissions. [February 9, 2012]
HB 1636 relative to the extension of fill and dredge in wetlands permits. [January 24, 2012; April 12, 2012]
HB 1661 relative to self-certification of spill prevention, control, and countermeasure plans for aboveground petroleum storage tank facilities. [January 26, 2012]
HB 1669 requiring the deposit of dedicated fund revenues into the general fund for the 2014 and 2015 fiscal years and requiring non-constitutionally established dedicated funds to be eliminated on June 30, 2015 unless reinstated by the legislature. [January 26, 2012]
HB 1693 relative to motor vehicle inspections. [January 17, 2012]
HB 1721

relative to the approval process to increase the load on a sewage disposal system.
[February 14, 2012; letter re: proposed amendment 2012-0523h; April 12, 2012-oil; April 12, 2012-sewage]

HB 1726 exempting the transport of certain electronic waste and universal waste from the hazardous waste transporter registration program. [March 6, 2012]
SB 142 relative to reorganizing the permitting process within the DES. [March 12, 2012]
SB 213 relative to the authority of state agencies to assess fines and penalties. [January 19, 2012]
SB 218 relative to electric renewable portfolio standards. [February 16, 2012; April 5, 2012]
SB 224 relative to lead fishing sinkers and jigs. [January 19, 2012]
SB 241 relative to expiration and extension of terrain alteration permits. [January 12, 2012; March 27, 2012]
SB 247 relative to certifying municipal culvert installers. [March 12, 2012]
SB 263 relative to certified compliant products certified as such by the DES. [January 26, 2012]
SB 265 relative to the definition of stormwater. [January 19, 2012; March 27, 2012]
SB 294 relative to dedicated funds administered by the departments of labor, environmental services, banking, and the secretary of state. [January 26, 2012]
SB 304 relative to the waiver of state fees associated with historic preservation. [February 14, 2012]
SB 314 relative to state-owned vehicle fleet management. [April 10, 2012]
SB 363 establishing a commission to study the regulation and licensing of youth camps, including youth skills camps (new title). [January 12, 2012; March 12, 2012]
SB 388 setting the natural mean high water mark of Silver Lake in Belmont and Tilton. [February 2, 2012; April 10, 2012]
SB 399 relative to the maximum permit application fee for certain municipal dredging projects. [March 8, 2012; April 10, 2012]
SJR 1 requesting the governor to enter into an anti-ethanol compact with other northeastern states. [January 26, 2012]

Bills Tracked and Testimony Letters Presented in Past Sessions



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