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New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services

Legislative Activity at DES

Each year, the NH Department of Environmental Services tracks bills that relate to DES programs or that otherwise might affect the agency in the New Hampshire State Legislature.

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Current DES Testimony Letters - 2014

The following are letters of testimony presented by DES at legislative committee hearings in the current legislative session.

HB 1151 establishing a committee to study the solid waste operator training program and financial assurance for corrective action at solid waste landfills [January 14, 2014]
HB 1197 permitting the construction of a dam at the natural outlet of Jenness Pond in the town of Northwood [January 21, 2014] [March 26, 2014]
HB 1209 relative to OBD II testing and the OBD II testing advisory committee [January 27, 2014] [April 14, 2014]
HB 1224 relative to best practices for the transmission of energy [February 18, 2014]
HB 1229 relative to the oil discharge and gasoline ether cleanup fund [January 14, 2014]
HB 1258 relative to fill and dredge permitting applications [February 4, 2014]
HB 1303 relative to the Cass Road dam in Epsom [January 21, 2014]
HB 1304 relative to the storage of fluorescent lamps at transfer stations [January 14, 2014]
HB 1305 relative to the definition of asbestos abatement [January 14, 2014]
HB 1312 establishing a committee to study off-shore wind energy development [January 28, 2014] [March 28, 2014]
HB 1340 exempting septic systems from certain requirements where there are grouted wells [January 23, 2014]
HB 1376 Establishing a committee to study pipeline safety and development in the state of New Hampshire [April 2, 2014]
HB 1383 relative to municipal monitoring of large groundwater withdrawals [January 23, 2014] [April 30, 2014]
HB 1443 relative to renewable portfolio standards [January 28, 2014]
HB 1467 relative to large groundwater withdrawal permits [January 23, 2014]
HB 1532

relative to notification of radon level prior to sale or lease of property [February 4, 2014] [April 2, 2014]

HB 1570 establishing a paint stewardship pro-gram [January 14, 2014] [April 16, 2014]
HB 1573 discontinuing regional planning commissions and requiring the election of municipal planning board members [January 16, 2014]
HB 292 relative to registration fees for commercial, private, and pleasure vessels [April 22, 2014]
HB 532 relative to energy efficiency and clean energy districts [April 28, 2014]
SB 200 relative to energy infrastructure development [February 18, 2014]
SB 223 authorizing municipalities to enter into contracts for the private funding and repayment of construction of sewer projects [February 18, 2014]
SB 245 relative to procedures and authority of the site evaluation committee [February 18, 2014]
SB 252 relative to the management of hazardous waste [January 15, 2014]
SB 267 extending the effective date for integrated land development permits [March 12, 2014] [April 10, 20014]
SB 325 relative to oil spill preparedness and response [March 5, 2014]
SB 337 relative to the recovery of submerged vehicles by the department of environmental services [January 15, 2014]
SB 363 relative to insurance coverage for facilities for the Winnipesaukee River basin control [January 9, 2014] [April 8, 2014]
SB 375 establishing a committee to study the creation of a flood mitigation fund for private property owners [February 5, 2014]
SB 401 establishing road toll fees for electric and hybrid electric vehicles [February 4, 2014]
SB 408 relative to aid for regional agreements of watershed municipalities [February 4, 2014]

Bills Tracked and Testimony Letters Presented in Past Sessions

Bills tracked and testimony letters presented by DES in past legislative sessions are available by year, on the webpages below.

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