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New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services

Frequently Asked Questions
Why Didn’t We Win?
  • Our company instituted a large recycling operation that has saved tens of thousands of dollars. Why didn’t we win?
    While recycling is an important component of a sound environmental program, it is not pollution prevention. Pollution prevention occurs before creation and resulting management of a waste (such as on or offsite recycling, pollution control equipment, treatment or disposal). Pollution prevention strategies include raw material and solvent substitution, preventive maintenance (programs or activities), technology changes, process changes, energy or water conservation, and the design and implementation of programs that support pollution prevention (EMS or ISO 14001).

    It is still important to note that recycling is a good practice that NHPPP encourages, and describing recycling programs helps demonstrate a company’s overall environmental philosophy. However, the point of the Governor’s Award is to recognize those groups that are eliminating waste before it is generated.

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  • We have instituted great pollution control technology at our facility, yet this was not considered "pollution prevention." Why?
    Pollution control equipment is really trying to reduce a pollutant in the environment after it is created. As stated above, pollution prevention occurs before the creation and resulting management of a waste.
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  • We thought we had a winning application for the past two years and didn’t win. Why not?
    Not everyone who applies wins an award. While we receive many applications that show evidence of pollution prevention activities, we really do reward and recognize only the best projects or programs initiated. However, we strongly encourage all of our applicants to reapply the following year, including any new efforts initiated. Some of our past winners took a few tries applying before successfully winning the Governor’s Award.
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