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New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services

Frequently Asked Questions
for Auto Body Shops
  • Is DES requiring auto body shops to switch to waterborne basecoat by January 2012?
    No. DES is not requiring auto body shops to switch to waterborne basecoats. This rumor came about through a misunderstanding concerning a recommendation made by the Ozone Transport Commission (OTC) to its member states, including New Hampshire, to require collision repair facilities to convert to waterborne basecoat refinish systems by January 2012. New Hampshire has not adopted this recommendation.

    If you are approached by a vendor, supplier, or anyone else that you must switch due to waterborne coatings, please contact the Small Business Technical Assistance Program.

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  • Is the auto body sector subjected to Env-A 1400 Regulated Toxic Air Pollutant determinations?
    Yes. The auto body sector is subject to the regulated toxic air pollutant determinations, also know as RTAPs. The hardest part of the air emission determination is collecting the annual usage data of spray painting products and matching those products to their appropriate material safety data sheets (MSDS). Once you have that information collected, contact the Small Business Technical Assistance Program and we can help you with those determinations.
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  • Does the NESHAP 6H rule require me to purchase a spray booth to paint vehicles?
    No, the NESHAP 6H rule does not require you to purchase a spray booth. However, all spray painting must be performed within an enclosure (roof, and walls or curtains) that is maintained under negative pressure so overspray is captured on a filter technology that is demonstrated to achieve at least 98 percent capture efficiency, as opposed to the overspray being exhausted into the air or landing on the floor of the shop. In addition, the spray painting “booth” must comply with local fire and building codes and OSHA standards.
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