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New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services


New Hampshire has been experiencing extensive demand for water as its population and economy continue to expand. In addition, natural water losses due to seasonal variation cause reduced water supplies in the state during certain parts of the year. Recent droughts have demonstrated the need to develop effective long-range water supply planning that includes water conservation practices. DES defines "water conservation" as any beneficial reduction in water losses, waste, or use. Water conservation practices are proven to save valuable water resources and protect the environment.

NHDES has a formed a partnership with the EPA WaterSense program to help promote water efficiency in our State. The program will make it easy for consumers to find and select water efficient products and services with a label backed by independent testing and certification. Look for WaterSense labeled products at your local home improvement store later this summer.

Water utilities may also form partnerships with the WaterSense program. The utility will in turn receive valuable outreach materials that may be used to supplement existing demand management efforts.

Irrigation professionals may join the WaterSense program through certification. Distinguish yourself from the competition by promoting your commitment to the use of water efficient irrigation practices in the field.

To learn more about the WaterSense program, partnership opportunities, and to see the products that have undergone certification, please visit

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