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New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services

Public Notices

Under the Coastal Zone Management Act, the New Hampshire Coastal Program (NHCP) provides the public with opportunities to comment on activities requiring federal consistency review, proposed changes to Coastal Program rules, and draft plans. Please see below for current public notices and comment periods.

Federal Consistency Public Notices

Pursuant to Section 307(c) of the Coastal Zone Management Act, the NHCP has received consistency requests for the following proposed activities. Public Notice is provided in accordance with the Federal Consistency Regulations (15 C.F.R. Part 930).

Written comments may be submitted to the NHCP, Pease Field Office, 222 International Drive, Suite 175, Portsmouth, NH, 03801. Comments may also be submitted electronically to For additional information, please contact Christian Williams at (603) 559-0025.

Current Federal Consistency Notices

Agency/Applicant: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is proposing to reissue the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Dewatering General Permit (DGP), which expired on September 30, 2013, for dewatering activity discharges to certain waters of the State of New Hampshire. The proposed DGP establishes Notice of Intent (NOI) requirements, effluent limitations, standards, prohibitions, and management practices for facilities with construction dewatering of groundwater intrusion and/or stormwater accumulation from sites less than one acre and short-term and long-term dewatering from foundation sumps. The proposed DGP includes effluent limitations based on best professional judgment and water quality considerations.

The proposed DGP includes a number of changes from the previous DGP. One change is the requirement for upfront submittal of laboratory data with the NOI. The previous permit allowed for the submittal of laboratory data after the permit authorization was issued. This change will facilitate the issuance or denial of a permit authorization. Other changes include, modified language for Appendix III, eligibility under the National Historic Preservation Act review, the incorporation of revised requirements for compliance with the Endangered Species Act and inclusion of newly listed species of concern.

Discharges that contain pollutants in quantities which represent reasonable potential to cause or contribute to violations of water quality standards will not be granted coverage under this general permit. Those dischargers must either apply for an individual permit or seek coverage under EPA’s Remediation General Permit.
Comments Deadline: September 5, 2014
Agency/Applicant: New Hampshire Department of Transportation

The New Hampshire Department of Transportation, in cooperation with the Maine Department of Transportation and the Federal Highway Administration, is proposing to replace the Sarah Mildred Long Bridge (U.S. Route 1 Bypass) connecting Portsmouth to Kittery, ME. Construction is scheduled to begin in November 2014 and be completed in 2018.

The project involves the construction of a new 2,631 foot two-level bridge (road and rail) over the Piscataqua River with a major lift span system and 1,554 feet of approaches. To facilitate the construction of the new bridge and demolition of the existing bridge, construction of temporary causeways and temporary trestles is proposed. The new bridge will be constructed on both drilled shafts and spread footing piers and will also include a railroad connection. The existing bridge and abutment will be removed and the existing piers are proposed to be removed to various depths depending on their location. The project also involves removal of approximately 12,644 square feet of the Pease Development Authority Division of Ports and Harbors (PDA-DPH) barge wharf, removal and reconstruction of a PDA-DPH boat ramp, removal of a debris pile near the existing New Hampshire lift tower, and installation of a pair of submarine cables between the two lift towers.

The project is necessary because the existing bridge is in a declining state of repair with limited remaining service life. The Federal Highway Administration rates the overall condition of the superstructure as “serious,” the overall condition of the substructure as “serious”, and the overall condition of the deck as “poor.” The existing bridge is structurally deficient and its current load posted at 20 tones for highway traffic is obsolete. The bridge’s 175-foot horizontal clearance between the tower faces is not adequate to support future shipping traffic utilizing vessels that will require at least 204 feet of horizontal clearance. In addition, the bridge’s vertical clearance (35 feet at mean high water) is no longer efficient and results in frequent openings (and road closures) so smaller vessels can pass through. The proposed bridge will have a minimum horizontal clearance of 240 feet and a vertical clearance of 60 feet at mean high water.
Comments Deadline: September 5, 2014
Agency/Applicant: National Marine Fisheries Service

The National Marine Fisheries Service is proposing to implement draft Amendment 9 to the 2006 Consolidated Atlantic Highly Migratory Species (HMS) Fishery Management Plan (FMP) and to establish an effective date for previously adopted shark management measures finalized in Amendment 3 to the 2006 Atlantic HMS FMP and the 2011 HMS Trawl Rule.

Draft Amendment 9 to the 2006 HMS FMP proposes to increase the smoothhound shark annual quota previously finalized in Amendment 3 of the 2006 Consolidated HMS FMP using updated landings data. It also proposes to implement the smoothhound shark-specific requirements of a 2012 Shark Biological Opinion, and considers modifying current regulations related to the use of Vessel Monitoring Systems by Atlantic shark fishermen using gillnet gear. Except for certain Shark Conservation Act of 2010 (SCA) provisions, the management measures proposed in draft Amendment 9 address “smoothhound sharks” which include smooth dogfish (Mustelus canis), Florida smoothhound (M. norrisi), Gulf smoothhound (M. sinusmexicanus), small eye smoothhound (M. higmani), and any other Mustelus species that might be found in U.S. waters of the Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico, and Caribbean. The draft Amendment also proposes to implement the smooth dogfish provisions in the SCA. The SCA requires that all sharks landed from federal waters in the United States be landed with their fins and tail naturally attached to the carcass, but includes a limited exception for smooth dogfish.
Comments Deadline: September 5, 2014

Other Public Notices - None at this time.

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