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New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services

Public Notices

Under the Coastal Zone Management Act, the New Hampshire Coastal Program (NHCP) provides the public with opportunities to comment on activities requiring federal consistency review, proposed changes to Coastal Program rules, and draft plans. Please see below for current public notices and comment periods.

Federal Consistency Public Notices

Pursuant to Section 307(c) of the Coastal Zone Management Act, the NHCP has received consistency requests for the following proposed activities. Public Notice is provided in accordance with the Federal Consistency Regulations (15 C.F.R. Part 930).

Written comments may be submitted to the NHCP, Pease Field Office, 222 International Drive, Suite 175, Portsmouth, NH, 03801. Comments may also be submitted electronically to For additional information, please contact Christian Williams at (603) 559-0025.

Current Federal Consistency Notices

Agency/Applicant: National Marine Fisheries Service
Activity: The National Marine Fisheries Service is proposing a rule for addressing implementation of Draft Amendment 6 to the 2006 Consolidated Atlantic Highly Migratory Species Fishery Management Plan. Amendment 6 considers implementing certain management measures in the commercial shark fisheries to respond to problems facing these fisheries, such as commercial landings that exceed quotas, declining numbers of fishing permits since limited access was implemented, complex regulations, derby fishing conditions due to small quotas and short seasons, increasing numbers of regulatory discards, and declining market prices. Specifically, this action proposes: 1) adjusting the large coastal shark (LCS) retention limit for shark directed limited access permit holders; 2) creating sub-regional quotas in the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico regions for LCS and small coastal sharks (SCS); 3) modifying the LCS and SCS quota linkages; 4) adjusting the non-blacknose SCS quotas in the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico regions based on the results of the 2013 stock assessments for Atlantic sharpnose and bonnethead sharks; and 5) removing the upgrading restrictions for shark limited access permits. The primary goal of Amendment 6 is to implement management measures for the Atlantic shark fisheries that will achieve the objectives of increasing management flexibility to adapt to the changing needs of the Atlantic shark fisheries and achieve optimum yield while rebuilding overfished shark stocks and ending overfishing.
Comments Deadline: March 6, 2015
Agency/Applicant: National Marine Fisheries Service

The National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) is proposing revisions to the guidelines for National Standards 1, 3, and 7 of the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act (MSA) and to the General section of the National Standards guidelines. National Standard 1 of the MSA states that "Conservation and management measures shall prevent overfishing while achieving, on a continuing basis, the optimum yield from each fishery for the United States fishing industry." National Standard 3 states that "To the extent practicable, an individual stock of fish shall be managed as a unit throughout its range, and interrelated stocks of fish shall be managed as a unit or in close coordination." National Standard 7 states that "Conservation and management measures shall, where practicable, minimize costs and avoid unnecessary duplication." NMFS' proposes revisions are intended to improve and streamline the guidance within the guidelines, address concerns that have been raised during the implementation of annual catch limits (ACLs) and accountability measures, and provide flexibility within the current statutory limits to address fishery management issues. Proposed revisions include:

  • Add a recommendation that Fishery Management Councils reassess the objectives of their fisheries;
  • Consolidate and clarify guidance on identifying whether stocks require conservation and management;
  • Provide additional flexibility in managing data limited stocks;
  • Revise the guidance on stock complexes to encourage the use of indicator stocks;
  • Describe how aggregate maximum sustainable yield estimates can be used;
  • Propose a definition for a depleted stock;
  • Provide increased stability in fisheries by providing guidance on the use of multi-year overfishing determinations;
  • Revise the guidance on optimum yield to improve clarity and better describe the role of optimum yield under the ACL framework;
  • Clarify the guidance on acceptable biological catch control rules, describe how the control rules can allow for phase-in adjustments to acceptable biological catch, and allow for carry-over of all or some of an unused portion of the ACL;
  • Revise the guidance on accountability measures to improve clarity;
  • Clarify the guidance on establishing ACL and accountability measure mechanisms in fishery management plans; and
  • Provide flexibility in rebuilding stocks.

The purpose of this action is to facilitate compliance with requirements of the MSA to end and prevent overfishing, rebuild overfished stocks and achieve optimum yield.

Comments Deadline: March 6, 2015

Other Public Notices

The New Hampshire Coastal Program (NHCP) has developed a five-year strategy under Section 309 of the Coastal Zone Management Act (CZMA) that is now available for public comment.  Under the CZMA program, the Secretary of Commerce is authorized to make financial awards to support the attainment of one or more coastal management objectives.  Section 309 further requires that the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration Office for Coastal Management work closely with NHCP on priority management needs and strategies. The strategy is developed every five years and was last developed in 2010. 

NHCP’s current revision of the Section 309 Assessment and Strategy Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbolidentifies coastal hazards, cumulative and secondary impacts of development, and wetland protection and restoration as high priority issues. The strategy identifies specific projects for addressing these priorities.

The deadline for written comments on the above strategy is March 9, 2015. Please submit comments to Steve Couture, Coastal Program manager, at or Coastal Program, Pease Field Office, 222 International Drive, Suite 175, Portsmouth, NH 03801. For additional information please contact Steve Couture at (603) 559-0027. Download a copy of the Section 309 Assessment and Strategy Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbol.



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