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New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services

New Hampshire Coastal Program Online Directory

Chambers of Commerce:

Work to promote business and economic development in their respective regions. Have participated in various environmental protection and recreational use projects.

Dover Chamber of Commerce
299 Central Ave
Dover, NH 03820
603-742-2218 / 603-749-6317 (fax)
Jack Story, President

Exeter Chamber of Commerce
120 Water Street
Exeter, NH 03833
603-772-2411 / 603-772-9965 (fax)
Tracy McGrail, President

Hampton Beach Chamber of Commerce
1 Park Avenue, Suite 3G
Hampton, NH 03842
Bruce "Doc" Noel, President

Portsmouth Chamber of Commerce
500 Market Street
PO Box 239
Portsmouth, NH 03802-0239
603-436-1118 / 603-436-5118 (fax)
Doug Bates, President

Aggregate Industries

78 Patterson Lane
Newington, NH 03801
603-431-3710 / 603-433-4154 (fax)

Granite State Minerals

227 Market Street
Portsmouth, NH 03801
Bill Creighton

Great Bay Aquafarms

153 Gosling Road
Portsmouth, NH 03801
603-430-8057 / 603-430-8059 (fax)
Chris Duffy, Co-Founder, VP and Director

Produces the highest quality cultured marine fin-fish with a mission to be a world leader in the production of marine fish through the commercialization of technology and its application to aquaculture. Maintains multiple stocks of broodfish which provide the hatchery with fertilized eggs year round. The hatchery is under the supervision of a trained staff 24 hours per day in addition to computer controlled monitoring systems.

Interstate Passenger Boat Association

PO Box 678
Rye Harbor
Rye, NH 03870
Brad Cook, President

Responds to administrative and legislative activity affecting the passenger vessel industry; and conducts ongoing whale research.

Irving Oil Terminal

50 Preble Way
Portsmouth, NH 03801
603-436-5147 / 603-436-1845 (fax)
Drake Bell

Bulk petroleum storage and distribution. Installed dike liners and an oil/water separator for stormwater run-off.

Moran Towing of New Hampshire

34 Ceres Street
Portsmouth, NH 03801-0448
603-436-0417 (fax)
Robert Stewart, VP General Manager

Provides full service towing and assists with the docking and undocking of vessels.

National Gypsum Company

Michael Succi Drive
Portsmouth, NH 03801
603-436-4840 x344 / 603-436-9093 (fax)
Mark Dyer, Engineering Resource Maintenance Manager

Fully integrated manufacturer and supplier of building and construction products worldwide. Operates more than 40 facilities throughout the U.S. and Canada. A member of both the Green Building Council and the Architectural Resource Collaborative, Regional Sustainable Resource Directory

New Hampshire Commercial Fishermen' Association

38 Georges Terrace
Portsmouth, NH 03801
Erik Anderson

Monitors, participates and contributes to concerns and issues regarding the commercial fishing industry of New Hampshire. Disseminates information amongst its members and acts in a proactive manner on behalf of the commercial fishing industry. Conducts an annual beach clean-up of lobster gear. Assists in transition of fishing industry due to changing regulatory action.

North Atlantic Energy Service Corporation

PO Box 300
Seabrook, NH 03874
603-773-7197 / 603-773-7177 (fax)
David Barr, Communications Specialist

Operates Seabrook Station nuclear power plant for the plant's 11 joint owner utility companies with the mission of producing safe, environmentally sound, dependable and economical electricity. Supported two salt marsh restoration projects in conjunction with the New Hampshire Wetlands Board and provided rainfall data to the NH Office of State Planning to support the empirical basis for reopening the Seabrook clam flats beginning in 1994. Provides precipitation data to the NH Department of Public Health to support their decisions on opening and closing the clam flats. Participates in the New Hampshire Coastal Cleanup.

Pease Development Authority

Engineering Department
360 Corporate Drive
Portsmouth, NH 03801
603-427-2836 / 603-427-0433 (fax)

Promotes the economic development of the former Pease Air Force Base. Involved in various environmental (eg, restoration) projects.

Division of Ports and Harbors (Formerly State Port Authority)

555 Market Street, PO Box 369
Portsmouth, NH 03802-0369
603-436-8500 / 603-436-2780 (fax)
Craig Wheeler, Director

Oversees the management of the State of New Hampshire's tidal waters, including 1400 moorings, ship pilot regulations, navigational aid installation and maintenance, dredging management, and harbor management plans. Provides economic development opportunities to the region with its 600 foot general purpose pier and its 310 foot barge/container pier.

Piscataqua River Cooperative

165 Gosling Road
Newington, NH 03801
Don Gray, President, Piscataqua River Cooperative

Organizes prevention of and response to oil and hazardous substance spills in Portsmouth Harbor, the Piscataqua River, Little Bay, and Great Bay. Undergoes continual modification of response plans, testing, update, training, and drills on response methods. Conducts response mapping and sensitive area mapping. Corporate members include Irving Oil Terminals, Inc., Public Service Co. of NH and Sprague Energy. Affiliates include NH Department of Environmental Services, ME Department of Environmental Protection, and U.S. Coast Guard Offices in New Castle and Portland, ME. U.S. Navy, Portsmouth Naval Shipyard is a Mutual Aid Partner.

Portsmouth Fishermen's Cooperative

One Pierce Island Road
Portsmouth, NH 03801
603-431-7078 / 603-431-7998 (fax)
John Cogswell, Manager

Public Service of New Hampshire

PO Box 330
Manchester, NH 03105

Shillers Station
Gossling Road
Portsmouth, NH 03801
1-800-662-7764 customer service

Sprague Energy

2 International Drive, Suite 200
Portsmouth, NH 03801
603-431-1000 / 603-430-7290 (fax)
Jeff Ciampa, Manager of Safety, Training and Environmental Compliance

TyCOM Integrated Cable System

PO Box 479
2073 Woodbury Avenue
Newington, NH 03802-0479
603-436-6100 / 603-427-0701 (fax)
Dennis Kost, Facility Engineer

Supports requirements to address the concerns of the EPA in reducing pollutants discharged from the Simplex outfalls into the Piscataqua River.

Yankee Fishermens Cooperative

PO Box 2240
Seabrook, NH 03874
603-474-9850 / 603-474-9187 (fax)
Bob Campbell

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