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New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services


Lakes provide a natural classroom where students can ask questions and find the answers with a little help from you, the teacher, and the Interactive Lake Ecology (ILE) program. With over 950 lakes, almost every town in New Hampshire has a lake allowing you to easily implement this hands-on curriculum. After introducing the concepts of lake ecology, a trip to the shore of local lake can provide the opportunity for the students to collect microscopic animals and plants with tools as simple as a plastic jar. Science education is much easier and enjoyable when students and teachers are engaged in learning at a New Hampshire lake.

Are you a teacher interested in lakes and ponds? Do your students want to know why lakes have so many different shapes, or why some lakes are deep and other lakes are shallow? Then you should try the Interactive Lake Ecology curriculum from DES!

The Interactive Lake Ecology (ILE) curriculum was first initiated in 1991. A Concord (NH) High School science teacher and DES biologists developed the curriculum to provide New Hampshire middle school students with information about lake ecology.

The curriculum included two workbooks: a student workbook and a teacher's guide. These quickly became popular throughout the US and eventually were used in other countries as well. As a result of ILE's popularity and use throughout the US, biologists revised ILE to reflect a more general lake ecology curriculum. Two new chapters were added to give students a better understanding of how lakes are formed and how non-native species can devastate our natural waters.

The improved Interactive Lake Ecology curriculum is now available for teachers. The Student Workbook now contains nine chapters and includes an appendix with vocabulary exercises, experiments, and a glossary of terms found throughout the text. The corresponding Teachers' Reference is comprised of all the text in the Student Workbook, as well as answers to all questions and exercises, and hints for the experiments.

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